Thomas "Hunter" IV

Haley Alexa

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Are you aware?

I was inspired tonight. A memory I often think about, usually in church, sometimes when comforting my children...shined through with a little more meaning for me tonight. When I'm singing in church, amoung the crowded pews, my voice probably not heard, I keep it down often...not wanting to catch anyone's attention with my cracking or off pitch voice of not the voice of an angel. Then my thoughts turn to my late Grandfather who was quite the accomplished church choir singer...who would be so proud if I sang louder. No matter how I sounded. He was probably listening to me every Sunday and smiling. Next my thoughts shifted to my childhood. Sitting next to my mother in church, clinging to the sound of her voice while she faithfully sang every word with confidence. I smile remembering the comfort her singing brought me. The smell of her hair, the lotion on her soft skin, while I cuddled closer to enjoy her voice. Now, all grown up, I realize that to others, bless you Mom, but she too doesn't carry a pitch all so well. But she was my mother, who sang to me since I was tiny in her arms. To me it was the voice of an angel. That does it. I then sing louder, nothing crazy here...I'm no American Idol...just confident now to stop hiding my voice in the crowd. I always realize halfway through the first song each Sunday (maybe I'm waking up about then)...that my children seem to like my singing. They've always asked for more...leaned in close...looked up at me with a smile. Maybe they would grow up remembering this and they would follow my example and always participate in church. Not be afraid to sing, pass that onto their children, provide their kids with that comfort, that opportunity to discover music (who knows, maybe someone will get Granddad's singing gene). So, I think of this often. Remind myself of this often, when I'm tired on Sunday and not feeling like sticking out. Well tonight at my RCIA class we were talking about song being a form of prayer. I'd always realized that my children liked my voice no matter how painful it was to others. But someone pointed out that God gave us our voice. He won't be disappointed by what he hears. He's the one who picked out whatever voice you ended up with. It will thrill him to have it thrown back at him in song! That hadn't even occured to me. That someone else was listening when I sang...not just my children. Someone else who would appreciate it. So, hope I didn't dive too deep for anyone, but just something simple that I was aware of, but now understand more. So keep singing to those little ones. They may hold it in one of the fondest corners of their hearts forever. It may teach them something for years to come? Thanks Mom, for the never ending gift!


Just thought I'd try and post a quick update on our new year so far. So I guess I haven't mentioned much about Haley's road to walking as I'm kind of just holding my breath while mother nature takes it's course. She is making great strides finally. Yes, she's 17 months and a very late walker. Never fear she's been thouroughly checked out head to toe and inside out of that cute little noggin. All is completely well and she was just so busy learning more talking than she needed to learn at her age..she forgot to worry about the motor milestones. She is now up and about cruizing the furniture, dog, her brother...anything she can use to balance by. She will finger walk only using one hand which is great. She briefly stood alone the other day until her germ friek mommy dashed to brace her just in case she was to fall and touch a dirty restaurant floor whenever she realized she was standing alone. It was particularly dirty..some others wouldn't have bothered me that much..ok a little. So yes, she is getting there. And Hunter, he's gearing up for another upcoming birthday. He's quite the party planner! He will have is next birthday planned on the way home from this years party. This is our crazy month full of friends with birthdays. We have 3 parties this weekend alone. So Hunter can get lots of ideas for next years party :-) Hunter's thoughts are also pretty consumed lately with going to kindergarten next year. He asks a lot of questions about riding the bus..and how long until he leaves Ms. Abby's class this year. He acts excited but it's clear he has a little anxiety about the unknown. He's concerned because he knows Haley will start at his preschool next year and he wants her to go to the same school as him. He wants her to go now. I tried to explain to him the money issue of paying for two in preschool, but he wasn't impressed. Well, hope these little tidbits qualify to keep you all up to date.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Ok, so this is our Christmas post and I know I am way behind. I have been so distracted with facebook. Lucky for you readers, I will probably make this short and sweet to get caught up. I did say "probably" right. Anyways, we had a wonderful Christmas. We are so blessed to have such fortunate and generous family and friends. Haley and Hunter were absolutely spoiled! Need to go shopping for a toy? Toys R'Us is in our living room! I know you all probably feel the same right?! Hunter truely enjoyed all the magic of Christmas this year and I think Haley fed off of a lot of Hunter's excitment. I tried Sandy's "bowl of water on the porch for Rudolph" that mysteriously turns red by morning. It worked better than we could've imagined. Hunter's reaction in the morning made it all more exciting for Thomas and I. We had some wonderful time with extended family and made plenty of long lasting memories here, there, and everywhere. Another year has come to an end and all the decorations are down. That was a little traumatic in our house this year. Last year, we took it all down while Hunter was at his Grandparents house and there were no objections when he returned he didn't even notice. This year I lucked out as Thomas and Hunter took a lot of it down while I was working/sleeping...or working on my sleep :-) Hunter was very helpful and into it until the last branch was in the tree box ready to go in the attic. He was very tearful suddenly and wanted "Christmas to be forever." We had a hard time putting a few things in boxes as he didn't want to part with some things (his rudolph toys, nativity scenes, his little tree for his room.) They will be missed until next year! Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas's...which I know you did..since most everyone has posted about Christmas long ago! Pam, I know you've been disappointed that I haven't kept I'll try better. By the way...when are you going to start yalls blog? Now is a perfect time to keep us all updated on Baby MaGoo on the way??? No pressure.