Thomas "Hunter" IV

Haley Alexa

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Perfect Mother's Day Weekend!

We all enjoyed this weekend. It was wonderful! We spent Saturday afternoon at Grandmommy's house (my mother). The boys took turns riding the tractor and Haley visited with her horsey friends. She seemed to enjoy sticking her finger up their noses a lot....luckily they didn't mind too much. Then we all went swimming at a friends house and had a blast. The boys enjoyed going down the water slide there...if Thomas and Bill weren't throwing them. After working up and appetite we headed back to Grandmom's house and watched Thomas grill some burgers...hmmm..yummmm! Well, he almost burned down Grandmom's house...not his fault. Unfortunately something was terribly wrong with her grill and it caught fire...not the cooking flame....FIRE! Suddenly there was a LOT of black smoke and the burgers went from medium rare to hockey pucks! Thomas somehow quickly got the fire out and doctored up the burgers....enough to make just enough of them edible. They were actually pretty good. Overall it was a really fun day! Then Sunday afternoon we went over to MiMi and PaPa's house (Thomas's parents) and swam again. Hunter has turned into quite the fish. He spent the day jumping in on his own with no one catching him...with floatys on still. He was also a lot more comfortable with Thomas throwing him and going underwater quite a bit on the landing. Uncle Todd grilled some Chicken wings and we watched the Rockets Miracle game to cap off a great weekend. Below is a link if you'd like to see all the pictures from the weekend.

"Potty, Potty, Huwy, Huwy!"

Yes, we are in the midst of potty training with little Haley. Every few weeks she will spend a whole day enthusiastically going pee pee in the potty (with us prompting her about every 20 minutes). We then put her in a pull up to facilitate getting the diaper off and on and using the same pull up as long as she has not titi'd in it. Usually by the end of the day or on the next morning, she has no interest in the potty and is like, "next game..don't wanna play that one today." We figure she's not quite ready yet and is just exploring the possibility so we just go with it when she is ready. More and more often lately she has started asking us, "Pee Pee in the potty?" Then she does it several times and is the one asking about every 2 hours while we prompt her every 20 minutes still. As time goes by it is her idea more and more often which would lead us to think she's more ready. So for the last week we've been wearing pull ups when we're home or going to be near a potty. She's been using the potty most of the day each day with accidents during naps and long outings. Of course we try to stay around the house more, but with a 5 yr. old in baseball and swimming you can only do so much. She's doing pretty good, but I thought it's always supposed to be more of a light switch now we are doing it. She knows to ask for it when she's in the mood...but doesn't get it yet that going in the diaper/pull up is not the desirable way. Guess I need to try the panties and let her wet herself all day. Really gotta stay home if we're doing that! Ughhh! So was going to ask for advice, but did I answer my own question? Oh, but I must brag about this morning. She was helping me get dressed in clothes and a pull up (her, not me :-) and she looked a little funny. I said what's wrong and she said, go pee pee in potty huwy, huwy as she ran off for her bathroom. She had been about 15 minutes before and peed in potty, now having a little pee in pull up sat down and poo'd in the potty!!!! This was the first for brown! Yeah!!! Was so proud of her and she was pretty proud too! She waved bye, bye to it and ditched me in the stinky bathroom.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Spring So Far

Wow, it's been a long time. So just thought I'd post a blog with updates on what those kiddos are doing these days. We just took Hunter to his Kindergarden orientation this week. Can't believe I will be putting him on the "big boy" bus in a few months! He's been pretty excited about it and was a little apprehensive yet intrigued to go to his orientation. Luckily it was soooo much more inviting with sooooo much more to do than his current school that he now is very much looking forward to it. The room had much more stimulating learning activities. The shedule included so many more subjects. There is also a computer lab they visited and showed them many REALLY FUN educational games online. He loved the fact that they have their own library as that is one of his favorite places to visit. Still can't believe it! They other day we were nearby and he asked me if we could drive by his school. He's also staying busy with his first year of T-Ball and swimming lessons. Pictures to come. Little Miss Haley, or Monster, as Hunter calls her, is all about talky talky and walky walky. She throws out more and more vocabulary daily. Some of her repetoire: No, no, get back, go to your room, shut up (such a nice kid really), Daddy at work, MiMi at work, Gee horsey's, Hunter at chuch (church), I go potty huwy huwy (hurry hurry), I petty (pretty), Hanse petty (the dog), I pincess (thing you got it), I goo gil (good girl), go car-go shoppy shoppy- go walky walky- ok? (Let's go in the car and go shopping and I'll walk, ok say yes), no no nice Mommy (aren't I the parent?)AND her FAVORITE word...nak (snack). She loves putting her jewelry on Hansel complete with clip on earrings hanging from his ears! He tolerates it but gives me the look. She gets him all blinged up! She lives for the Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie and loves to dance and sing to Gwen Stefani's "If I Was a Rich Girl" and the Chihuahua song. Before long she will be in charge of the household. Ok, that's probably a deeper look into our household than you all wanted so I will stop. Hope to post some more pictures soon! Happy Mother's Day to all!