Thomas "Hunter" IV

Haley Alexa

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Party!

What do John Deere Tractors, gymnastics, and cake have in common? That's what Hunter's party was all about! Lots of his buddies showed up and they had a blast. They ran down all the trampoline runways, jumped into pits of foam squares, climbed the mountain, climbed through tunnels, up rock walls, and most important ran, and ran, and ran. They should've all slept well Saturday night! I know I did.

Happy Birthday Hunt Man!

Can't believe he's 5! We must be getting old. Thursday we celebrated Hunter's actual birthday. Mimi and Papa decided to come over last minute and watch little sister Haley as she was still feeling a little under the weather and the grumpiest being we could have a peaceful night out to celebrate with Hunter. We went to Hunter's choice, Lupe Tortilla's...mmmm..yummm! Great choice Hunter. Does he realize they have great margarita's there too? Bonus for Mommy! We had a great time. He played in the sandbox there before and after dinner. It was kind of bittersweet watching him noticing he was now one of the oldest in the sandbox and not the little baby anymore. When we got back to the house we had turtle ice cream cake and let him open his presents from us and the one Uncle Chuck and Aunt Pam had sent from California that arrived that day. The Cars helicopter was a real hit! Happy Birthday Hunter Bear!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baby Steps and Obstacles

To update Haley's progress with walking...the little rascle wasn't doing a whole lot over the weekend...kind of grumpy and definately not seperating herself from us to walk. Then she went to stay and Mimi and Papa's house for 2 nights and started walking within the hour of being dropped off. This time she worked up to 9 and 10 steps nearly crossing the whole living room. So now Hunter and Haley are home and we missed our little love bugs. Of course we were anticipating getting to see Miss Haley do her thing...but she's sick AGAIN! She spiked a 102.9 fever and had a little more vomiting and spent the day sleeping and being held. Poor baby...she can't stay healthy longer than a week lately. By the end of Tuesday she was eating a normal beans, pineapples...even though I tried to convince her to eat something more gentle on the stomach, and very playful again. I knew she still felt bad though as she was still pretty grumpy. I did get about 3 steps out of her and Thomas got a few when I was at work. But then she had a fever again and fell asleep on the living room floor with all the lights and TV on, right in front of Hunter playing Legos. We are hoping for a speedy recovery in time for Hunter's birthday, and praying none of the rest of us get sick again...especially our birthday boy! On that note Hunter is very excited counting down the days until his birthday. He's got lots of plans starting with a fun outing Thursday with a friend (if sister's health allows), to dinner at Lupe Tortilla's (his choice) that night, then the party on Saturday! Oh, I hope we can stay healthy!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today Was The Day!!!

Eighteen months old today and Haley takes her first steps!!! Slowly but surely she is on her way. Of course she did it while I was asleep, but she was glad to repeat it several times for me after I woke up. She started with standing alone suddenly because she needed her hands to do her dance moves to "Ring Around the Rosy." She would stand and dance through the whole song and drop when we "all fall down." Then she would take 2 steps towards her Mimi when called....and repeat :-) She even did it very quickly for Daddy when he walked in the door from work and a few times later tonight. This has been a long time coming. When she builds up a few more steps I will post a video. Stay tuned.....

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dance Party!

Having a little family fun before bedtime. Who knew tapping on a wooden stick would make you want to get up and dance?! This went on for 15 minutes at least. Eventually Haley grabbed her marraca's and Hunter was dinging the triangle. Apparently the dog is not as deaf as we thought....he was hiding the rest of the night.

Moving Along

Here's a short video of Haley walking her baby in the stroller, and building up her balance. Oops, look like she forgot the baby :-O