Thomas "Hunter" IV

Haley Alexa

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hunter Starts Kindergarten!

My sweet baby boy has will be starting his 3rd week of kindergarten in the morning! He was quietly apprehensive all summer...interested but scared. Hunter is a negotiator and I figured once school started we'd end up hearing why he doesn't need to continue going to school week in and week out. We were pleasantly suprised. Since about day 4 Hunter has been very into school and self motivated at home to practice what he learns and teach us what he is learning. At bedtime after the first day we had a few tears as well as first thing in the morning on the 2nd day. Hunter broke down about school being such a long day and missing Mommy and Daddy all day. We tried reminding him about having a comfortable home to live in and going fun places like Sea World, California, etc were only possible if you work hard in school and find a good job someday to help pay for all these nice things. For now at least...this was enough for him to press on (because he plans to buy his kids EVERYTHING they want and take them to Target EVERYTIME they ask and ALWAYS say yes). On the way home from the bus stop by day 4...I asked, how was school, and I got a very animated, "I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!!" It was music to my ears :) He walked right in the house and told me he need to practice his writing. After a little serious writing practice he was teaching me about sorting (math) and computers. He told me all the rules of kindergarten like I was starting there as well. So far...we are plugging right along and staying motivated and happy!!! I am amazed everyday at how much and how quickly Hunter is growing :) Haley is coming around in school as well. Her 3rd week went much better. She actually played most of the day with her classmates and could be seen on her online monitor system giggling and carefree. She is learning some sign language far..'milk' and 'rainbow'. She had her colors down before starting school and is quickly starting to learn her shapes. We will see how week 4 goes.