Thomas "Hunter" IV

Haley Alexa

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grandaddy's and Chocolate!

Grandaddy's and Chocolate...don't they go hand in hand!? Hunter and Haley enjoyed a day over at Grandaddy's and Debbie's playing with Kimber and Montgomery and eating cupcakes while the big kids watched a Rocket playoff game. Grandaddy sure does know how to please those Grandkids...only question is...who was more excited about the cupcakes with chocolate icing? Grandaddy or the kids? decide...

Mommy's Little Snuggle Bunnies!

They were so sweet and quietly cuddling while watching a movie together...until Haley see's Mommy and has to get wild and ham it up for the camera. Poor Hunter was into the movie and trying to ignore her, but when Haley wants to wrestle...Haley will wrestle!

First Time for Everything!

We worked on this all season...not staring off at tractors in the distance and ready for the ball!

Batter up!

Go Hunta, go hunta (Haley cheered on her Bubba, always)!

A boy always looks good in his baseball pants!

This was Hunter's first year playing T-Ball. He wanted to play, but wasn't real interested once the season started. He loves hitting the ball, but wasn't really into fielding or running the bases. He was more interested in the John Deere rangers driving around all the fields than watching the ball. As the season progressed he ran the bases usually without prompting and at least stood in the ready stance waiting for the ball to be hit to him. However if the ball was hit to him...he usually stayed in the ready stance as the ball rolled right by him. He didn't quite figure out yet that sometimes you have to go after the ball and it won't just roll right into your glove as you wait for it. He had a lot of fun though with his friends and that is all that matters at this age right!