Thomas "Hunter" IV

Haley Alexa

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Fun Family Weekend!

What a great weekend we just had! We got in plenty of quality time with my family while Chuck and Pam were here for a much needed visit. We all spent Friday with Bill, Katie, Kolby, and baby Logan. Everyone made it over, Mom, Dad, even Grandmom Treloar! Saturday we all enjoyed a day of Texas football and grilling barbeque chicken wings in the backyard. The weather was so perfect with high of about 75 or 80? The early evening was nice at like 65. Of course Saturday night wouldn't have been complete without a round of Texas hold' em...with Pam taking all of the winnings (a stack of IOU's). The pregnant woman got us all wasted and then hussled our money! Just didn't quite happen like that. Sunday we went to a local pumpkin patch with Haley and Hunter in their costumes. Hunter is a pumpkin and Haley, a ladybug. Hunter loved pulling a wagon thru the sparce, picked over patch looking for a good pumpkin. We headed home after finding the perfect pumpkins and painted some then watched Chuck carve up the biggest one. Hunter was pretty excited to see it lit up after dark. Even Haley was pretty impressed. Monday we all said our goodbuys and dropped them at the airport. Hunter cried at least 4 times before bedtime about them leaving. Not trying to make anyone feel guilty and move back..really! Anyways, it was sooooo nice to have everyone get together all weekend.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Here we go!

I never really understood blogging until I started enjoying all of our friends new blogs. So I have finally decided to do one even though I don't really know how interested others will be to visit our site. This way, just maybe I'll stop bombarding you all with albums of pictures and you can check in on us whenever and as often as you like. Thomas, Hunter, and Haley are absolutely my world and if you like, this site will help me share their world with you! So, I guess to let you in on our most recent excitment...Hunter and Haley have a new cousin! Logan Travis Treloar was born September 10, 2008 weighing in at 7 pounds 3 ounces! Bill, Katie, and Kolby are thrilled to welcome him home and share him with family. Coming soon to a Treloar family near March, Pam and Chuck will bring their first bouncing baby into the world! With the sex to soon be discovered on halloween, we will get back to you on that. Hunter is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Chuck and Pam for a visit this Thursday as well. We are all looking forward to seeing them making their debut to Texas as a married couple! They have been missed by all, I think?! :-) Hunter and Haley have both recently started a music class called Kindermusik each attending a seperate class once a week. This class introduces them to several different instruments, and styles of music. They sing and play musical games with their peers. They both enjoy it each in different ways. Haley seems to have brought Hunter out of his shell with her love for music, and he is really enjoying singing along with his favorite songs, and singing to his sister. Haley is quite the mover and shaker in her class. She participates immediately in everything introduced. She loves crawling into the teachers lap and demonstrates for her class and sometimes crawls into other mom's laps. She's definatly a social butterlfy! Ok, I think this is enough information to start everyone with, hoping to not overload you. More soon!