Thomas "Hunter" IV

Haley Alexa

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Haley Starts Early Preschool's her turn! She has loved picking up Hunter at his preschool, jumping right into the class. I always had to drag her out kicking and screaming. So needless to say she was very excited as the weeks came closer and we were telling her SHE was going to school there now! The first day we pull into the lot and she says, "There it is!" She ran inside, went right in her room, sat down for breakfast and started problem. Hunter and I took a few pictures of her then left to go watch her on a video monitor in the lobby. No crying...nothing! She was just eating and looking around the room, even talking to another little girl at the table. Wow! She is the social butterfly of the family. Well, the next day was a different story. Cried as Thomas pulled into the parking lot. Cried off and on all day. She had to hold her blanky all day and spent a lot of time being held and cuddled. So we have completed 2 weeks now (only 2 days/wk) and she has not warmed up to it yet. She plays a little, but still wants to be held. She is napping well though. Since the first day she lays down on her little pony mat and goes right to sleep for at least 2 hours. Hoping she'll come around soon.